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Hi, my name is Margaret Dickinson and I have been working as a therapist for over 20 years doing various therapies to enable me to best improve my client's health needs. I have upgraded my skills over the last 4 years learning Amatsu which incorporates the whole body and enables me to affect the health of the client by balancing all the body systems and helping them to attain their best functionality. This does not necessarily happen overnight and usually takes 6 sessions but there will be changes that the client can notice themselves. Clients also find that monthly visits help to maintain the improvements in their pain relief and mobility.

What Conditions Can it Help?

There are many and varied conditions that have been helped by Amatsu sessions.
These include:-
Back pain - Frozen Shoulder
Sciatica - Headaches and Migraines
Pelvic pain - Jaw pain
Groin strain - Neck and shoulder pain
Scoliosis - Trapped nerves
Postural problems - Tennis and golfers elbow
Mobility problems - Carpel tunnel and RSI
Sports injuries - Knee problems
Muscular spasms - Feet and ankle problems
Sprains and strains - Chronic fatigue or ME
Circulation issues - IBS and other digestive problems
Menstrual problems - Pre and post pregnancy

What Benefits can be Expected?

The benefits are different for each client but the improvements to the body systems allow the client to attain changes to enable them to maintain their posture and improve their mental and emotional outlooks.

The treatment:-
- improves body posture
- stimulates the removal of toxins
- improves circulation to tired muscles
- encourages body tone and co-ordination
- stability for the skeleton
- recharges the immune and nervous system
- restores the body's balancing sense of proprioception
- supports the management of painful conditions
- promotes the sense of good health and well being

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